Aki Kuroda is one of today’s few artists still capable of creating new forms likely to provoke imagination and reflection. He creates worlds with antagonistic styles, which gives an enigmatic nature to his work and makes it fascinating…

Attracting attention with his lanky silhouettes on blue monochromatic canvases, Aki Kuroda’s pictorial work is rich in numerous creations. The intensity of his big black paintings foreshadows breath-taking works in the future. He keeps to his haunting and central theme : man’s dimension in space, in the space-time continuum, in outer space, in the universe.

Aki Kuroda is an agitator. He accepts the system but dominates it, through a self-sufficient artistic expression. He handles carefully his independence, making it inalienable by creating at the least seven different styles called “iles”. His imagination is transcended by the studio’s matrix, then culminates in the exhibition and finally in the city. The viewer also becomes an actor of the system that dominates the city because of the artist’s creative energy.

“My work’s key word is “inside out/ Outside in”… You know, I like to stroll around the city. This one invades me. And, after a while, it is my spirit that comes to it. It’s like a sort of interiority that escapes. There I can create my secret garden. It’s a place where everyday life becomes more intense, more dynamic. I am neither Japanese nor French. I am uprooted. I need to always feel like I am living in the most dynamic way with this city that is becoming more and more my subject”.

Aki Kuroda regularly stays in New York and Tokyo. His work evolves with the rhythm of these cities. He likes to confront himself to and immerse in the heart of big capital cities to develop his concept, “Cosmogarden”. Over time, “Cosmogarden and Cosmocity” have been taking a direct part in his pictorial world yet constantly revitalized. He presents daily life, restructured by his eyes, where the city, with its over-rational shapes, becomes a place for viewers and creators to meet. He pursues his experience by examining fragments of life in the city and the space where people meet with their daily routine. Aki Kuroda explores urban geography and man’s place in this complex world.