Aki Kuroda takes the viewer on a trip from which he will not walk away. He will be condemned to rediscover life, to descend into darkness from which he will come out even more Alive. Washed. Purified. A transit to another world, in which Freud’s “Unheimlichkeit” is predominant. With an art work that is on a constant knife edge between East and West, he goes further, beyond mankind, the earth, and the cosmos that he paints, sculpts, “install’s”, loves and mishandles in his performances. Aki Kuroda creates his work like someone from another planet. It’s the work of a nomadic from another time that never stops traveling all over the world to feel better. The work of an identity that does not yet exist, coming from an island to seize another. Aki Kuroda left Japan for France to immerse himself into Greece, an unstable and moving land that looks so much like his own. Chaos, earthquakes, tremors, drownings… But as a visionary of our time, Aki Kuroda has left the earth. With the birth of “Cosmogarden”, the artist protects his fetish Minotaur. Fed by friendships with the greatest philosophers, physicians and astronomers of our time, his pieces in two, three, or even four dimensions symbolize a garden where everything mingles. The king Minos, like the painter Miro, looked over his shoulder. Limitlessness of flows, multitude of sons of Arianne. Shade and light, nature and the city, the inside and the outside. The deepest inwardness of soul with cosmic immensity. In this maelstrom, between microcosm and macrocosm, where past, present and future mingle, Aki Kuroda has planted a lot to let a jungle appear, in which everything moves and sways. There goes a meteor shower, a shower of animals, of monsters and of his Minotaur machine! And there goes an avalanche of bubbles … chaos or soap? Even further than mangas and other space ships! It all explodes in performances in which the art, dancers and viewers come together for the last communion. From the imminence of disaster is born ecstasy, in the World of mazes, of Aki Kuroda’s secret garden.